…to TELL

old woman talking‘Everybody has a story to tell’ is not a cliché. I’ve proof from more than 40 years of recording people sharing their memories with me that this is a fact.

But it’s not enough just to listen to these recollections for our own enjoyment. These storytellers are eye witnesses to history, each with their own unique perspective on events and we owe it to present and future generations to record these memories to the best of our ability on audio or video and then deposit them in publicly accessible archives.

Most of our interviewees with not be ‘famous’, but inappropriately named ‘ordinary’ people whose revelations will reveal them to be anything but ordinary. When we listen to these people talking we will hear stories that will amuse us, astound us and move us to tears.

I hope in the pages of this website you’ll read, hear and see things that will inspire you to have a go too.

With increasingly cheap, high quality recording equipment, with the world-wide reach of the Internet, we have the opportunity of sharing these hidden histories with others. And you can do it.
Don’t be deterred because you’re not a professional interviewer, a professional sound recordist, cameraman, editor, website creator etc. etc.. Be assured that I’m none of these things. If I’m professional in anything it’s in enthusiasm, not being afraid to plead ignorance and ask for help from those who are experts, and continually trying to learn from my mistakes.