Share – on the radio

It goes without saying that audio recordings make great material for radio programmes.

Like many others who have been keen to find ways to share audio recordings with the wider world, I was inspired by the Radio Ballads  of Charles Parker and Ewan McColl. I had the great joy of meeting Ewan McColl in the 1980s and talked to him about how they created these wonderful fusions of voice, sound effects, music and song.

The Works

works radioI was keen to have a go at creating a radio ballad using recordings I’ve made of people who worked in Wolverton Railway Works. I teamed up with Mike Gibbons, then Managing Editor of BBC Three Counties Radio and members of the Living Archive Band . The band had some songs they’d recorded about Wolverton and the Works for other Living Archive drama productions and these were supplemented by songs inspired by the words of the interviewees. A CD of this programme is available for purchase from Living Archive. You can hear and extract here.

Whitstable Museum’s Seaside Project

whitstable-revisedI’ve worked with several groups who have wanted to use their collected oral history recordings in a variety of ways. In the case of Whitstable Museum’s  project on Seaside Memories a number of extracts of the collected recordings were used in a sound post to accompany the exhibition panels and artefacts. There were however many more interesting anecdotes than could be accommodated in the exhibition and I was asked to create an hour long radio documentary from the material. Museum volunteers did all the rough edits and I commissioned professional musician Steve McDaniel to compose and play the incidental music. Click here to listen to an extract