Share – as a digital story

Digital storytelling is a wonderful medium to let people of all ages tell their story in an engaging way. It was some years ago now that I was inspired by seeing a short video created by Dana Atchley III. His personal story, illustrated by old film and photos was the birth of what’s now called digital story telling and the organisation that Atchley was involved in founding, the Center for Digital Storytelling is still the best source for this work.

In Britain this approach was developed by Daniel Meadows in his BBC Capture Wales project.

The average length of a digital story of about 3 minutes (about 250 words) was originally inspired by poor bandwith that did not allow for long videos to be streamed on the web, but although technology has moved on, it’s still a great thing to aim for short enough stories to engage people who are interested in other’s life experiences but don’t want to be bored, and long enough to have a real life story with a beginning, middle and end (perhaps with a twist.) We have worked with people from 8 to 88 helping them create digital stories, sometimes teaching them the skills to do it for themselves and sometimes acting as their editors, with them sitting at our elbows giving instructions.