Everybody has a story...to tell

old woman talking

‘Everybody has a story to tell’ is not a cliché. I’ve proof from more than 40 years of recording people sharing their memories with me that this is a fact.

Everybody has a story...to record


I have been providing tailored training courses for a wide variety of community groups for many years on behalf of the Oral History Society.

Everybody has a story...to share

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I’ve always been frustrated that so many people record oral histories just to use in an academic paper or to deposit in an archive, thus depriving the wider world of so many wonderful stories.

Roger Kitchen has been recording people’s memories for more than 40 years. He was co-founder and for 12 years General Manager of the Living Archive in Milton Keynes. He runs tailored training courses for the Oral History Society in oral history interviewing and recording in audio and/or video.